Due to the stock market’s trading action for the first half of today, the probability has increased that the stock market could enter next week into a serious correction or even a crash.  There are three reasons. Two of them are covered in my October 3rd article entitled,  “Frenzied Market Blow Off Underway” and my October 4, article, entitled “Market Vulnerable due to Buyback Blackout; Bull & Bear Tracker signal now Red”.  Both of these articles are available at BullsNBears.com.  I suggest you also read my October 4th article, “Nobel Laureate Shiller says Current Market is Eerily similar to late 1920s”.  Furthermore; should the Dow Jones close down by 200 points or more today, it will have had two consecutive days of losses.  Yesterday’s loss of more than 200 points for the Dow Jones was the most significant loss since June. To have two consecutive days of significant of declines will make around-the-world headlines.  This is made even more poignant as October is infamous for crashes.

Given this perfect storm, the market is set up for a 1929 style crash.  To understand why, read my June 27, 2016; article entitled, “Perfect Storm Now Brewing Could Soon Cause 1929-Style Crash”.  This article was written after the Brexit Crash which the NIRP Crash Indicator* predicted.

To protect your portfolio or to profit from a potential crash, I suggest that you wait until 3:30PM to purchase shares of the Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X ETF (symbol: SPXS).  The reason why I recommend that you wait is because the market could make a comeback.  If the Dow is down by at least 200 points at 3:30PM, the odds of it making a comeback would be low.  

If you purchase these shares, I highly recommend that you become a subscriber to Bull & Bear Tracker to maximize your profit.   When the signal turns GREEN, you can take profits. You can then make a profit from the market going back up by purchasing the SPXL.  The Bull & Bear Tracker is a good indicator for trading volatile markets.

According to my math the S&P 500 will decline by at least 60% from the current bull market’s peak to the new bear market’s trough.  I am also predicting that it will be 2030 before the S&P 500 is able to eclipse the high- water mark for the bull market which began in 2009.  

To understand my math and also the bear market and recession investing strategies that I am recommending from now through 2030, watch my recently taped two-part interview about the “Day of Reckoning Approaching for the market” which will air on the Fox Business Channel during the second half of October.   A private and pre-screening of my interview is exclusively available to alert subscribers. Click here to subscribe to BullsNBears.com free alerts.   

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