For February of 2020, the Bull & Bear Tracker’s aggressive trader signals produced a gain of 2.5% vs. an 8.7% decline for the S&P 500.  Since June 30, 2019, the Bull & Bear Tracker:

  • Averaged a monthly gain of above 5% 
  • Produced a cumulative gain of 45.5% vs. 0.78% for S&P 500
  • From April 9, 2018, the date of the first published signal and through the end of February 2020, the Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals to trade long and short S&P 500 ETFs produced a gain of 77.3% compared to a 14.9% gain for the S&P 500 index.   All articles and reports about the Bull & Bear Tracker are available at https://bullbeartracker.com/news/

The Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals are utilized to trade exchange traded funds (ETFs) which mimic the performance of the S&P 500.  A long ETF is utilized when the signal is green, while a short or inverse ETF is utilized when the signal is red. 

For example, when the S&P 500 advances by 10% while under a green signal, the long ETF increases by 10%. Conversely, should the S&P 500 decline by 10% while a red signal is in effect, the inverse or short ETF would increase by 10%.

For more about the Bull & Bear Tracker go to www.bullbeartracker.com. For a 90-day free trial subscription go to https://bullsnbears.com/bull-bear-tracker-register/.   To be alerted when the signals become auto executable click here.