“Back up the truck to buy INVU shares” has been exclusively available to ShinyPennyStocks.com subscribers since November 29, 2021.

“Back up the truck” is an old saying that is used by professionals on Wall Street on rare occasions.  Another is “buy it with both hands”.  I know since I worked at 44 Wall and 110 Wall from 1984 to 1991.

Both sayings mean buy all the shares that you can at the current price since there is little doubt that the share price is going much higher.  Existing shareholders should be adding to their Investview positions and investors who have not yet purchased shares should be initiating positions. 

I would not have made the bold statement below in my 11/29/21, Blowout Quarter for Investview” report unless I was CONVINCED that the share price is going much, much higher.  

“From the extensive research that I have conducted on Investview, it has the potential of being among the hallmark recommendations and perhaps even the most significant recommendation for my entire career which currently spans 44-years.”

Based on the performance of Investview’s June 30, 2021 quarter vs. its June 30, 2019, quarter in the table below its shares at $0.10 and below are relatively inexpensive when compared to my initial August 2019, recommendation to purchase the shares at a limit price of $0.03.  Revenue increased by 323% and even more importantly free cash flow increased by 644% for the 2021 quarter as compared to the same 2019 quarter. 

Even though Investview shares continue to be ridiculously undervalued they have been under constant pressure throughout 2021.  It’s because the company obtained its financing in 2017 from individual investors who purchased 100 million restricted shares for one penny ($0.01) per share.  Those investors have been gleefully selling.   On the other hand, I am licking my chops. 

Those who are steadily selling their shares are going to provide the liquidity for me to recommend the shares to an army of large investors.   On Monday 12/13/21, I will be presenting at the Family office Club’s annual event which will be attended by 2500 family offices.  The average family office has $100 million of investments. 

The presentations will provide the rationale for why investors should reduce their large cap and increase their allocations to invest in small companies and especially those which have share prices under $5.00 during a secular bear.   Investview will be featured as the ideal small company to invest in for a secular bear market.   To learn about a secular bear market which can result in a minimum decline of 60% over a duration of 8 to 20 years click for access to educational videos.

My conviction for Investview’s share price to multiply by the end of 2022 from its present price ranks among my highest level of convictions throughout my 44-year career.   Based on its FREE CASH FLOW yield which has been growing rapidly the shares will reflect their true value and trade in a pre-split range of $0.18 to $0.30 upon its being listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE.  For rationale for projected share price trading range upon listing read my “Investview, Ridiculously Undervalued” report.  See also, Investview’s press release about its plans to list the shares on a major exchange. 

My INVU recommendation is amazingly similar to my recommending Investools when its share price was $0.24 in 2003.   The primary business of both companies is to educate individuals on how to trade and invest.  After the share price of Investools increased sharply the company became listed on NASDAQ and was subsequently acquired by Ameritrade for cash and shares in 2009.  Ameritrade was subsequently acquired by Schwab in 2019 in an all-stock deal.  The total value (cash and stock) of an Investools share as of 12/6/21 was $38.10.   The multiple return for an Investools’ share bought in 2003 and held as of 12/6/21 was 119 times the share price. 

To gain an understanding as to why my conviction for INVU shares is off the charts view 4 min, 43 seconds video below about how I utilized my Free Cash Flow Yield screen to find the two much undervalued stocks (Investools & TRM Corp) in the entire US market in 2003.   TRM shares were recommended to be purchased at $0.84 in 2003 and to be sold for $18.45 in 2004.