Investview shares (ticker: INVU) traded to as low as $0.017 and have been trading at prices below $0.02 since the company reported its results for the year ended December 31, 2022. Based on my analysis of the financials Investview shares should be aggressively purchased at a buy limit price of $0.03. The share price should easily double from the recent low and could potentially reach $0.10 should Bitcoin continue to trend higher. The price targets assume that the company is not acquired. However, the probability of this happening is very high. Video: Why Probability High for Investview to be Acquired” is at bottom of page.

Please note. I have predicted the most significant decline for the S&P 500 from its January 2022 all-time high since the index’s 85% decline from 1929 to 1932.  I also have predicted that the US by end of 2023 will enter into its first Great Depression since 1929-1938.  For predictions and articles in support of predictions view Videos & Articles Supporting Markowski’s S&P to Crash & to Cause next Great Depression Predictions”.

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INVU shares have been driven down to going-out-of-business prices for two reasons:

  • Company reported a loss of $8.6 million for year ended 12/31/2022. See March 31, 2022 press release.  
  • Investors perceive company to be a crypto mining play and prices for crypto currencies have taken a beating over last 12 months.

The “headline earnings loss” has provided opportunities for both an immediate short-term gain and also a 10X long term gain.  Investview for its latest 12 months ended December 31, 2022 had:

  • generated $9.4 million of positive operating cash flow
  • current assets of $26 million including $20 million of cash
  • an accumulated deficit or tax loss carryforward of $89.5 million

Investview at a share price of $0.037 or below would be an ideal acquisition candidate based on the above three items alone. 

Investview’s share price has the potential to get to a dime or higher by year end.  Its because the company’s wholly owned iGenius LLC subsidiary which accounted for 80%  of the company’s revenue weathered the 12-month crypto storm.  The storm began in November of 2021 at Bitcoin’s peak and ended in November 2022 at Bitcoin’s bottom. 

The chart below depicts that Bitcoin steadily declined from its November 2021 all-time high until it bottomed at $15,599.05, on November 21, 2022 and the digital coin’s bottoming process began.  The chart illustrates the narrow trading range for a Bitcoin before it rose to above $18,000 on January 12, 2023.

For the 12 months ended 2022, which covered most of the crypto 2021-2022 winter, iGenius’  subscription revenue declined by 1.2% from $48.86 million to $48.26 million.  The minimal revenue decline is significant.  It speaks volumes for the stickiness of and the value that the company’s iGenius subsidiary provides to crypto traders, etc.  Its especially since a significant number of iGenius’ subscribers trade crypto currencies.

iGenius offers multiple services and products, both domestically and internationally, through a direct selling network, also known as multi-level marketing.  Their independent distributors offer products and services through a subscription-based revenue model to a large base of customers or members.  These services and products consist of the offering of research, education, and investment tools including artificial intelligence bots that enable members to auto trade.   All of the products and services are designed to assist the self-directed investor in successfully navigating the financial markets, including equities, options, FOREX, ETFs, binary options, and cryptocurrencies.   There are multiple tiers of membership at varying upfront and monthly subscription costs, which provide members with the ability to select from a range of membership packages to meet their product and service needs and price point.

The members continued to pay their subscription fees through the crypto winter because the iGenius offerings include a guarantee of satisfaction to each new subscriber or member.  During the designated trial period, which is 10 days from initial purchase for domestic customers and 14 days from initial purchase for international customers, should the member for any reason not be satisfied the member may request a full refund of their subscription.  iGenius’ full satisfaction guarantee has created a culture that reduces subscriber turnover.  The result is the company’s subsidiary has a large and low turnover base of passionate members.  The photo below was taken in 2021 at an event for members that was held by iGenius in Egypt in 2021.

The Zoom in below is for the above photo.  It depicts that the audience consists mostly of young men and women.  All of the world’s crypto, stock brokerages and financial services providers would die to have a customer acquisition model that could attract a global demographic.

The large and sticky subscriber base is yet another reason why Investview has a high probability to be acquired.  Think or Swim (Investools), which ranks as my best ever buy and hold recommendation with a return of 150.9 times investment, had a model that was almost identical to iGenius.  The only difference was that Investools utilized a brick-and-mortar seminar strategy to educate its students.  The student/subscribers were easily converted to brokerage clients after the company acquired online broker Think or Swim.  Investview’s digital model is much more robust and scalable when compared Investools.   

For Investview shares to get to back above the April 2021 $0.79 high the company will have to acquire an online crypto or a securities brokerage firm.   The acquisition would enable it to fully leverage iGenius’ subscriber base.  All have online brokerage accounts to trade stocks and crypto currencies.

The wild card for Investview, which could potentially increase the share price to well above 10₵, very quickly is its Bitcoin mining operation.  The mining division accounted for only 19.4% of 2022 revenue.  This compared to mining accounting for 32.2% of revenue in calendar 2021. 

Investview’s mining revenue and mining profits are highly correlated with the price direction for Bitcoin.   The chart below depicts the share price patterns for Investiew and the three other publicly traded bitcoin miners.  It depicts that Investview’s share price has a history for lagging the upside price moves for the shares of the three other miners.  This is not surprising since INVU shares trade for less than a $1.00 and there are no institutions which hold the shares.

Unless Investview’s shares can increase to and maintain a price of $0.04 or above the probability is high that the company will be acquired. My recommendation is for shares to be aggressively purchased at limit price at or below $0.03 per share. Investview will continue to be monitored closely. The limit price for the shares will likely be raised in the future and published on ShinyPennySTocks.com when warranted.

Michael Markowski, a 47-year financial markets veteran, is the Director of Strategies for AlphaTack, whose slogan is “growing assets against the wind”.  He conducts empirical research of the past, which he then utilizes to develop algorithms to predict the future.  His research of Enron’s Financial Statements after its infamous bankruptcy led to the development of a Cash Flow Statement algorithm.  The algorithm was utilized to predict a “day of reckoning” for Lehman, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in a September 2007, Equities Magazine article.   Michael’s research of prior market crashes led to the development of the Bull & Bear Tracker (BBT) algorithm.  From 2018 to 2022, the BBT gained 177% vs. the S&P 500’s 50%.  His predictions of all periods of heightened market volatility from 2008 to 2022 and that  S&P 500 at March 23, 2020 had reached its bottom which was exact are media verifiable.