APEX is a proprietary computer processing system that includes cutting edge and proprietary hardware, software, and firmware.

All APEX Technology Packs also include Total Protection Plus to insure the original purchase price, as well as the right to lease that technology to SAFETek to generate passive revenue.

APEX customers lease their APEX Technology to a data tech company called SAFETek.

SAFETek then pays $500 monthly for 60 months to use the APEX unit.

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An APEX Technology Pack includes:

  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Hardware
  • Generational Upgrades
  • Total Protection Plus

Purchasing APEX

APEX Technology Packs are $13,750 each, or $55,000 for 5 packs. As a buyer, you can wire the purchase amount, pay with Bitcoin, or you can even use your self-directed IRA money for this purchase.
To learn more about using your self-directed IRA funds visit our APEX page at AdvantaIRA.