Founded by an expert with 47 years of Markets Experience

Throughout his career Michael Markowski has researched the past to predict the future: 

  • Post mortem on bankrupt Enron’s financials enabled development of algorithm which was utilized to predict Lehman’s demise one year before it went bankrupt.
  • Analysis of Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, Airbnb and UBER, etc., when they were startups, resulted in discovery of common traits to identify private digital startups with 1,000 times upside potential.
  • Research of 100 years of empirical crash data led to development of algorithm to predict crashes and post-crash bottoms including:
    2016 Brexit crash
    – 2018 October crash and Q4 correction
    – 2020 Crash and precise date (3/23/20) for interim post-crash bottom

“Financial sector pioneer and visionary analyst Michael Markowski talks with Opportunist’s Managing Editor Leslie Stone about his career, the significance of crowdfunding and why he believes the world’s stock markets are entering the best five-year period ever.”

Opportunist Magazine

December 8, 2015

Key Articles about or by Michael Markowski:


Probability Is 87%That the Market Is at an Interim Bottom
(article date 3/23/20, was precise 2020 bottom for Dow Jones Industrials)  


Overvalued stocks, freefalling US Dollar to soon cause epic market crash!
(Dow Jones Industrials within 10% of all-time high {29568.57} on 03/05/20)


“Looking for Wuhan Virus To Cause Severe Market Correction or Crash”
(article date 01/22/20, Dow Jones 2/12/20 all-time high 29568.57)

Spotlight (Fox Business Channel) Television

“Visionary Market Analyst Michael Markowski Predicted the Third-Largest Drop in Dow’s History”
(predicted the Q4 2018, market crash and cause of crash)

Equities Magazine

“Have Wall Street’s Brokers been Pigging Out?”
(predicted demise of Lehman in 2007 and before its 2008 bankruptcy)


“Markowski goes with the Flow”
(accurate bankruptcy predictions)


“Best Stock Picker on Wall Street”
(“IS MICHAEL MARKOWSKI the 21st century’s reincarnation of Benjamin Graham?”)

Opportunist Magazine

“Markowski-Crowdfunding Predicted to become largest Digital industry in the world”

Fortune Magazine

“Top picks from 50 Great Investors”
(Fortune pick gained 200%)

Inc. Magazine

”High Concept: How to Spot an Enron”
(development of algorithm to predict bankruptcies)


Fortune and Equities Magazine Stock Picking Contests

(Outperforms Cramer and Gabelli)

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