The articles below were sent to you over the weekend.  According to Michael Markowski they rank as his most important ever.  This includes his September 2007 article warning readers to get out of Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch before their 2008 collapses.

What all three of Michael’s articles have in common:

  • Predictions were based on algorithms developed from empirical research of prior historical anomaly events which were identical. 
  • 100% statistical probability that the future event would occur upon the data in the future becoming correlated with the past data.  According to Michael the correlation has occurred.  

The good news is those who heed Michael’s warning for the Dow Jones to decline to 3252.48 to 6209.28 by Q4 of 2022 or sooner can: 

  • liquidate now with the Dow at 23723.00, which is 20% below its 2020 high.  
  • Engage a registered investment advisor who will utilize the algorithms to make cumulative gains of 500% through Q4 2022.

The bad news:

  • There is a maximum dollar amount or capacity that the algorithms can trade. 
  • Time is of the essence:
  1. To obtain 510% of potential trading gains (30 months @ 17% average) through Q4 2022, one must act quickly.  The gains for the first six months after the dotcom bubble burst were 170%.  1929’s first six months of gains were 90%.  From March 1 to April 30, 2020, the Bull & Bear Tracker and the SCPA algorithms produced unleveraged returns of 44% (264% annualized).  See “April 2020, Bull & Bear Tracker’s 10th consecutive profitable month”.  
  2. It will take time for an investor to be onboarded.  The number of brokers who can automatically execute the algorithms’ trades is limited.  Interactive brokers capacity to onboard new registered investment advisor clients is 500 per day worldwide.   

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