Notice for Select Bull & Bear Tracker Subscribers

You have received this 12/11/20 notice since you have requested to be referred to a registered investment advisor.   

Based on new research findings from the three prior BSA (Bullish Sentiment Anomaly) occurrences since 2017, and especially the January 4, 2018, BSA occurrence, the correction which will soon begin to occur will be extremely violent.  The Bull VIx is the ideal vehicle for both a defensive investor to protect assets and an aggressive investor to maximize profits.           

The first BSA since January 2020, occurred on November 13, 2020 BSA.  Since then, BSAs have occurred for two of the three weeks including the week ending December 11, 2020.  The only BSA’s of the three since 2017, which had a second BSA occurrence within the 5-week post BSA period, was the January 4, 2018 BSA.  The early 2018 BSA was followed by occurrences of three consecutive weekly BSAs.    

From the end of the fourth week on February 2, 2018, from when the BSA initially occurred to the end of the fifth week ended February 9, 2018, the S&P 500 declined by 11%.  The gains of 14.2% and 59.6% in table below for the fifth week from exclusively utilizing the BBT Algorithm’s RED signals to trade the contrarian SH and VXX shares which increase in price during a declining market are depicted.

The 59.6% gain at the end of the fifth week, as compared to the end of the fourth week of the January 2018, BSA represented more than half of the cumulative 117% gain from trading VXX for the 5-week period which began on January 4, 2018.  To understand why the 5-week post BSA occurrences periods are significant see SPIKES; S&P Down & VIX Up by year end due to Rare Anomaly research findings!”

Based on my extensive empirical research of the following, the probability is high that the rally from the March 2020 low to the 2020 high will go down in the history books as a cyclical bull market rally in a secular bear market

  • All Secular Bull and Bear markets since (1802) enabled the discovery that a secular bull rotating to a bear and vice versa are fueled by changes in CONSUMER sentiment.  Covid-19 has caused extreme consumer sentiment volatility.  View Secular Bull & Bear markets research video at https://bullsnbears.com/bnb-videos/.  

  • Notable US market crashes since 1900 enabled the discovery that major crashes and their post-crash events behave similarly.  Empirical research led to the development of the SCPA (Statistical Crash Probability Analyses) algorithm which forecasts crashes and post-crash events.  The SCPA precisely predicted a peak to trough decline of 35% for the S&P 500 by March of 2020 in February.   The SCPA which also called the exact day of the March 2020 bottom, has forecasted that the S&P 500 and Dow 30 Industrials composite will decline to a new decade low by the first anniversary of the two indices’ March 2020 lows.  See SCPA algo forecasting new low for Dow before US recession ends.  

Based on the volatility, which occurred in the fifth week after the January 4, 2018, BSA occurrence, the probability is high for a three-month period of extreme volatility for the S&P 500 to commence in the week beginning December 14, 2020.  Registered investment advisor Lions Gate Advisors and its defensive and fully invested clients are well positioned for the volatility which will soon occur.  It’s because Lions Gate Advisors has access to all of Bulls N Bears algorithms including the BBT, SCPA and most especially the Bull Vix.

The Bull Vix is the only of the three algorithms which recommends call options.  Based on the extreme volatility for the 5-week periods after the three prior BSAs, upside of 1,000% within a few days or weeks from trading VIX, UVXY and VXX call options is highly probable.   

Therefore, Bull Vix’s call option recommendations are ideal to invest a small amount to produce significant gains within five weeks or less after a BSA occurrence.  The algorithm is the perfect investment vehicle for both fully invested and defensive investors:  

  • A fully invested investor can purchase call options on inverse or contrarian shares to hedge against losses from a significant correction for the S&P 500.   Assuming a correction of 20% and a 1,000% upside for call options a fully invested investor could invest 5% of a portfolio in VIX, VXX or UVXY call options.   The ten times increase would more than cover the 20% of losses.   

  • A defensive investor who has a high percentage of cash can utilize a small percentage of available cash to purchase call options which could potentially increase by 1,000% within five weeks or less.

To be able to maximize the potential for exponential gains and also maintain a defensive posture engage Lions Gate Advisors as soon as possible.  To immediately protect your portfolio until the assets are transferred to Lions Gate Advisors subscribe for the Bull Vix Pro’s text message alerts.  The Bull VIX presently has a call option strategy which could produce gains of 1,000% in the next week or two.

I highly recommend that you view the BBT Algorithm video.  It fully discloses the track records and risk levels for the algorithm and each of the versions.  You will be able to determine which of the Bull & Bear Tracker versions would be best for you.   

To establish your account with LionsGate, please contact Mr. Jonathan Krueger. His phone number is 314-222-2788 and his email address is Jonathan@lionsgateadvisors.com.      

 Finally, you can also call or text me at 954-218-9424; you can also reach me by email at michael@michaelmarkowski.net