Dynasty Wealth (DW) is an exclusive investing community that specializes in finding investable startup and early-stage companies for its accredited investor members. The startups must each have the potential to multiply by 10 times within five years of the startup being recommended. 

The Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals are utilized to trade exchange traded funds (ETFs) which mimic the performance of the S&P 500 and other US and global stock indices. A long ETF is utilized when the signal is green.  A short or inverse ETF is utilized when the signal is red. The Bull & Bear Tracker alerts support three ETF trading strategies: Aggressive, Conservative, and Hedge.

Bear Trader is a market index (S&P 500, NASDAQ & Dow 30 Industrials)  ETF long and short (inverse) trend trader powered by two algorithms:

Bear Trader’s best friends:  

  • Defensive investors sitting in cash who believe the market is going much lower and would like to profit from market going lower.      
  • Part-time traders who want to generate cash and want to be in position for a significant gain when bursts of volatility occur. 

Ideal for the buy and hold investor to profit from declining market and economy:

  • Recommends inverse or short ETFs which increase in price when market goes down
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • powered by the SCPA, an algorithm which has forecasted triple digit gains for traders who trade short and inverse ETFs from July of 2020 to December of 2022.  The table below contains the SCPA’s accurate forecasts for the crash of 2020.

Perfect Shorts produces and publishes alerts on the shares of companies that are identified that have a high probability of going to zero. The alerts are utilized to trade put options on the underlying shares of a perfect short candidate. The alerts are sent directly to an online broker who executes the orders for the purchase of put options for the behalf of the subscriber.

TechnoLease identifies capital equipment leasing opportunities to enable individuals or entities to purchase equipment which they lease to businesses.  

Purchasers of equipment enter into a multi-year lease with a credit worthy business to receive the following:

  • Monthly payments
  • Potential tax benefits from the depreciation of the equipment

The new decade which began in 2020 will be very lucrative for the financers of technology equipment.  The decade has three technology industries that we have identified which will grow regardless of what happens to the US or global economy.  All three will have an ever-increasing demand.

The Trophy Investing community enables the investor to participate in the startup and early-stage companies that are identified.  Trophy Investing’s mission is to enable its members to build a portfolio consisting of $1,000 startup investments.  The startups must each have the potential to multiply by three to five times within five years of the startup being recommended.

Shiny Pennies identifies and provides ongoing research on penny stocks (share price below $5.00) which have the potential to increase by at least:

• 100% within 12 months
• 500% within five years