• Shiny Pennies identifies and covers penny stocks (share price below $5.00) that have significant upside potential.   
  • The prices of the shares identified by Shiny Pennies must have the potential to multiply.    
  • The mission of Shiny Pennies is to enable a subscriber to build a diversified portfolio of penny stocks.

Due to the passage of the Dodd Frank the market for penny stocks became significantly more volatile.   See “Dodd Frank: Boon for Large caps, Bust for Micro-caps”.  To reduce the risk and increase the profits for subscribers Shiny Pennies’ policies are as follows:    

  • Establishment of strict and disciplined share price buy limits.
  • Set share price sell targets which will be adjusted when required.  
  • Send sell signals via text messages when warranted.
  • Recommend shares of only operating companies.
  • Primary focus on long term capital gains.  Secondary focus on taking trading profits when warranted. 
  • Recommend the selling of shares at a loss when warranted.  

Mr. Markowski, the director of research for BullsnBears.com has extensive experience in finding penny stocks.  View video below about the share prices of two companies that he found which multiplied.

This video below is about Mr. Markowski finding and underwriting the IPO of Almost Family at $2.00 per share.  Share price multiplied and company grew to $800 million before being acquired by LHC Group Inc., in 2018.

Penny stocks are inherently very risky. Investors should be prepared to lose 100% of what they invest in them.