Read SpotLight Television’s press release entitled “Visionary Market Analyst Michael Markowski Predicted the third largest drop in Dow history” about the founder and Director of Research of BullsNBears.com.  

Its reveals the details about the predictions for the market that BullsNBear’s founder Michael Markowski made during his interview with Jason Feinberg which was taped on September 11th.  The interview was about the math that Mr. Markowski utilized for his “Day of Reckoning Approaching for Market” article and prediction.  The article which is available on BullsNBears.com was not published until October 9th, the day before the October crash commenced.     

The interview which is part 1 of Mr. Markowski’s two-part interview airs today October 20th on the Fox Business channel at 4:00PM EST.  The interview is also accessible now at https://bullsnbears.com/invitation-only/.  Use access code DW2018MM when registering.