For the month of August, the Bull & Bear Tracker’s published signals produced a gain of 11.27% for aggressive traders who traded the S&P 500’s triple leveraged ETFs; symbols SPXS and SPXL.  The gain for conservative traders trading the unleveraged ETFs; symbols SPY and SH was 3.75%. This compared to a decline of 1.7% for the S&P 500 for August 2019.

The percentage of successful published signals for August was 60% for both the red and green signals.  This compares to 57% for both the red and green signals for the January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, 18 months period.  

The Bull & Bear Tracker’s accuracy is not likely to get above 60%.  The algorithm was designed to capitalize from the S&P 500’s major advancing and declining trend changes.  For this reason, traders should be prepared to take small losses and make no attempts to cherry pick the signals.  

Since inception the Bull & Bear Tracker’s average signal has had a duration of four days.  The table below depicts that the Bull & Bear Tracker’s back tested signals outperformed the S&P 500 for all traditional investing time horizons during the 18 months ended June 30, 2019. 

We recently learned from some of the Bull & Bear Tracker’s subscribers that they did not receive all of the Bull & Bear Tracker’s texted signal changes.  The table below contains all of the signals which have been published since August 1, 2019, enables a subscriber to verify that he or she is receiving all of the signals.

If you have not received all of the text messages in the table above please send an email to support@bullsnbears.com.   Include your phone number and the name of cell phone carrier.  This will enable us to determine why you did not receive all of the signals.  

Effective immediately all signal changes will simultaneously be emailed from the Bull & Bear Tracker’s email server when text messages are sent.  To further ensure that all signal changes are received by text and email it is recommended that subscribers do the following:   

  • Add Bull & Bear Tracker as a contact in their smart phone or smart device.   
  • Check SPAM filter if email version of this update sent today, Monday September 9th did not arrive.   If email is caught in SPAM, mark it as not being SPAM.    
  • Add primary email address to receive email messages.   Send new or additional email address along with cell phone number to support@bullsnbears.com.              

Finally, by the end of 2019, the signals will be fully automated.  All that will be required is to have an account with an online broker which has the software to automatically execute the orders.  

For details about the Bull & Bear Tracker’s published and back tested signals track records through June 30, 2019 go to https://bullbeartracker.com/?p=442.  

For a free subscription to the Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals go to https://bullsnbears.com/bull-bear-tracker-register/.