Bulls N Bears’ Shiny-Pennies.com has published an update for Investview (INVU) and its shares which have increased by more than 10 times since they were recommended is now available.  The update includes low, medium and high share price targets for 2021.  All are above the $0.2151 price the shares closed at on January 8, 2021.  The site in its report also updated its buy price limit for INVU.

Shiny-Pennies.com’s January 5, 2021 report is a must-read whether or not INVU shares are owned.  The report provides the rationale for a significantly higher share price and also includes risk factors, etc.

Shiny-Pennies.com’s founder Michael Markowski, a 43-year market veteran and algorithm developer, has a track record for finding penny stocks with more than 10X potential.  The four-minute video on the front page of Shiny-Pennies.com is about an algorithm that he developed to find and recommend the two companies below at share prices below $1.00:

  • TRM Corp a $0.64 which went to $17.94
  • Investools (Think or Swim) at $0.17 which was acquired by TD Ameritrade for cash and shares equivalent to $19.24 @ Schwab’s acquisition price of Ameritrade

Finally, Shiny-Pennies.com is very unique.  It provides long term coverage and routinely updates the buy price limits for the penny stocks which it recommends.  The chart below depicts that from the initial recommendation in July 2019, to January 5, 2021, INVU’s buy limit price was amended five times.