According to market crash expert Michael Markowski, Bloomberg TV’s 1/22/21 interview of legendary institutional investor Jeremy Grantham about the stock market currently being at an epic bubble is a must view for every active or passive investor.  

The 50+ years experienced Grantham, who is considered by the mainstream financial media to be the foremost market bubble expert, authored “Waiting For The Last Dance” which was sent to you in early January. 

The 38-minute video which covers the subjects below is in the process of being subdivided into nine video clips.  

  • Why market has reached an epic bubble and how it will burst
  • Short Selling is Risky
  • Recommended defensive investment strategy
  • Gold & Bitcoin
  • SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies)
  • Greenspan, Father of Moral hazard
  • Capitalism in Crisis

Emails will be sent to you containing links to each of the videos.  Click below for access to the first “Why market has reached epic bubble and how it will burst” 14:55 video.  

Additionally, Mr. Markowski’s just concluded empirical research of S&P 500 historical data from 1871 to 1929 has resulted in new significant discoveries:

·  An additional Perilous Peak which occurred in 1881.  For information about Perilous Peaks see Mr. Markowski’s January 16, 2021 article “S&P 500 at 3rd Perilous Peak since 1929!

  • The DNA for a Perilous Peak.
  • The Perilous Peak DNA discovery applies to all but one of the secular bull market highs for the S&P since its inception in 1871. The irrefutable Perilous Peak findings corroborate Mr. Grantham’s market-now-at-bubble-high and soon to pop prediction.

Mr. Markowski being the first to correctly predict a secular bull market high should rank as his best ever achievement in 44-years in the markets.  This includes his developing an algorithm which he utilized to predict the demise of Lehman, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch in his September 2007 Equities Magazine column.  

Please watch the Grantham Epic Bubble video as soon as possible.   It will provide you with the foundation to comprehend his article about the DNA discovery which should be available by tomorrow. 

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