Yahoo Finance’s biggest percentage gainers table below depicts that ShinyPennyStocks.com Investview (INVU) recommendation was the biggest gainer for the entire US stock market for Tuesday April 6, 2021.  The shares of the 3rd largest publicly traded Bitcoin miner surged by 24.53 percent from the close of April 5th to the close of April 6th.   When added to the 29.41 percent gain for Monday April 5th the total two-day gain for INVU shares was 53.94 percent.

The INVU share price surge began after my April 4, 2021 article “Expert who recommended Investview below 2 pennies says shares can go significantly higher” about ShinyPennyStocks.com’s analyst Michael Markowski was published on investview.com.   To understand how the share price has the potential to go from a current $0.70 to a few dollars read my article.