As of May 30, 2021, the shares of Vertex Energy Inc. (VTNR) had increased by 400% since ShinyPennyStocks.com recommended them on April 1, 2021.  Subscribers who followed the site’s Tiered Buy Limit (TBL) instructions were able to reduce their cost basis to $1.46 as compared to the $1.56 price the shares opened at after the recommendation was published. 

The gain for those who utilized the three limit order tier instructions to acquire 50% of the stake at lower prices was 407%.  On April 1, 2021, ShinyPennyStocks.com analyst Keven Young recommended the share accumulation strategy in the table below:

  • 50 % of the shares be purchased at a limit price of $1.70.
  • 25% at a limit price of $1.42
  • 25% at a limit price of $1.30

The first 50 % of the stake at the recommended limit of $1.70 could have been purchased via market order at the April 2 market open of $1.56.   The 25% of the stake with a limit of $1.42 could have been purchased through entering of a limit order from 04/12/21 to 0/5/12/21.  The 25% remaining for the acquisition of the full stake at a limit of $1.30 was purchasable from 4/13/21 to 5/12/21.  

Vertex’s share price did not go above ShinyPennyStocks.com’s $1.70 limit price until 5/14/21.  The share price broke above the maximum buy limit after the company had reported better-than-expected earnings.    

On 5/27/21 Vertex shares took off like a rocket after the company announced that it was buying a refinery from Royal Dutch Shell Oil.  Based on a 5/28/21 Motley Fool report entitled “Why Vertex Energy Stock Is Skyrocketing Today” the company could potentially be generating annual revenue of $3 billion and gross profits of $400 million by 2023.   

ShinyPennyStocks.com is now considering to raise its buy purchase limits for Vertex shares.   In the meantime, the site is recommending that the shares be held.   Its very unlikely that the share price will decline significantly from 5/30/21 closing price of $7.81.  The probability is high that those subscribers who have shares will be able to hold them for a sizable long term capital gain. 

The tiering of buy limits when entering into a penny stock works well.  The chart below depicts Investview which was one of the first recommendations that included Tiered Buy Limit Orders.  All of Keven Young’s lower buy limit orders when he recommended the shares at $0.1575 on 1/5/21 were subsequently filled and resulted in the cost basis being lowered to $0.118.   As of 5/28/21, INVU shares had increased by 1117% since being recommended by ShinyPennyStocks.com in July of 2019.

The three-tiered strategy also reduces downside risk.  PennyStocks by their very nature, penny shares are extremely volatile.  Vertex shares are a good example, they reached a low of $1.17 on 4/20/21, which was 20 days after they were recommended by ShinyPennyStocks.com.  Based on the $1.56 price paid for the first 50% of the stake, the decline was 25% had the TBL strategy not been utilized.  With the three-tier strategy, which dropped the average cost to $.146, the decline was 13.7%.

ShinyPennyStocks.com has identified several new penny-share recommendations which are 80% below their five-year highs.  Research reports about the companies that will include tiered price limits are in the process of being prepared.    

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