The other day I happened to watch a documentary on how commercialization is dominating childhood globally. And after watching the documentary I realised that had said,”I swear this happened when I was a kid!” and “I KNOW right?” almost 5 times a minute. And then the second realisation was how all my childhood was wasted on nagging my parents to buy me barbie dolls and ‘funky-cool’ things(which I never got).Oh and I remember how I relied on maggi as my favorite yummy snack after two hours of regular swimming at the age of 6(Ah, those were the days! :P) and the third realisation was that I LOVED the world of fantasy and I always wished I lived in one and then ended up feeling sad that it was real at all! Comes down to the question: do advertisements justify their promotion stunts on the context of ‘creativity’. And where has the wisdom of parents gone? We need to realise that the power of ads is somethings incomparable. For instance, here in India we say xerox for photocopy, maggie for noodles, coke for a cold drink, casio for a keyboard and the list can go on… yes coming back to parents… those who are busy thinking that buying them a product will make them quiet, your WRONG. And making them sit in front of the television to make them quite or distract them, good lord, you are very much WRONG!  Teenagers who might be reading this, seriously,  get this surfing on internet is my timepass out of your mind. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy! 😀

Till then Happy watching ads and blogging!