When something as stupid as petulant Saif Ali Khan’s arrest is considered as a “breaking news” these days, it won’t be difficult for you to comprehend the dicey situation of Bollywood of 2012. It’s doing something someone wouldn’t like to do in today’s world- make fool out of themselves. This can be proved in the back to back flop-hits like Desi Boyz, Jodi Breakers, Kuch spice to make it meetha, Say Yes to Love, Char din ki Chandani, and what not absurd names.
I remember 10 years back I would watch the trailers with enthusiasm to know what the movies were all about and what story they aimed to give out. And now when people watch trailers of men stripping away to glory or girls meretriciously glamorizing slutty characters. Question is – What is happening to once-upon-a-time-famous-for-its-musical-movies which are now just a flippant Bollywood? Bigger question – where are the creative script writers, directors? And lets not forget the most important – Actors, where are your ethics? Does money make your common sense jump out of the window in the act of ultimate desperation? Have we come to a level where casting salacious blondes, brunettes and, if necessary, half naked lead actress are the only option for an entertainment?
 Do you know every time Katrina kaif shakes her body and assets to an item number, she is not only encouraging other competitive actresses to opt ‘bolder‘ item numbers but also degrading men’s mentality towards women as objects of lust? How many girls are eve teased and raped in the name of Sheila, Munni, Jalebi bai and all the outrageous names the selfish money-centric film makers come up with?
Its high time, that we strive to emancipate from the ingenuous films and bring out perfection for better forms of entertainment. So as I listen to the olden songs which glorified simplicity through colors of black and white, I pray to God for a better world…

Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna
Kabhi alvida na kehna
Kabhi alvida na kehna 
-Kishore Kumar