I remember studying hard for my political science paper. Which topics to study, which ones not study! It seemed confusing, irritating and so to stay away from web pages like Google and Wikipedia, I went for walk and grabbed magazines like the Frontline, Outlook and India Today. Yes buying those magazines made me realise that I’d have to read 5 pages of every issue they had printed. One of the articles titled the ‘Tenuous Lives’ in the Frontline magazine attracted my attention, enough to make me think again and again about the topic.
Back then I had only heard of Maoists and Naxals as the indigenous communities in India, till I came across this article. It spoke of how a small community of tribes were fighting for their right to livelihood. Two tribes called the Qalandars and the Havadigas situated in Karnataka were nomadic tribes who were dependent on Bears and Snakes respectively to earn their daily livelihood. Their job was to tame them and entertain the crowd on the streets. However, the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 came in, and took away their source of income- the animals and in return left no adequate alternative livelihood or compensation. The article goes on to further describe how they are taken advantage of, and speaks out loud for their problems.
How many of us know that something like this is happening to our fellow human beings?  For we are so involved in our deluge of problems and desires of our lives, we wish to become fugitive among these issues. So how can we remove this drab from our fellow human being’s lives? From our lives? I remember someone saying, “Let’s change ourselves from within, not others.” The moment we take an initiative to CHANGE, others will automatically resolve to do so.
So let us IDENTIFY each other as they want to be. By not stereotyping, by not being racist, by not being biased, but by being human(couldn’t stop thinking about Salman khan’s brand for this) Let us recognise an essence of an individual, of each community amongst the camouflage of excess information available to us. Let us not depend on what others say, but on what YOU say, what you think.  Let us stay away from those gibes we come across and  hope that this inequality becomes a vestige for our future generation.
The link to the article: http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl2904/stories/20120309290409500.htm