Dated: 1st April, 2012. 12.05am
I just stuck my head out of the window, and the cool breeze just took my breathe away. It wrapped itself around my body and I thought it would take me away to another world of serenity, peace, joy, maybe paradise. And I looked down at the streets as the neighboring air conditioners made noises. No, the dim light streets did not remind me of thieves or a rapist or a drunkard sitting in some corner, awake to pounce on whatever they feel like doing. It felt more like a walk, feeling the atmosphere humming in silence, as we humans snore away to glory. And that’s when I feel a simple walk in the night can be so beautiful, be it under the pure white moonlight, or dim streetlight. One doesn’t need to get high on alcohol or weed to make oneself ‘happy’. Just as simple as walk and talk(what an idea sirji?)can be so much fun! We have forgotten how much happiness sanity can bring us. “Exams are over? lets go out drinking and clubbing!”, “Bored? Let’s get high.”, “need a stress buster? Let’s go for a smoke”, “Achieved something successful? Bring out that champagne!”
I do not mean to incur any wrath of the above lines I mentioned that we have been using on and on, but how far have we gone? What about those friends who would love to sit and laugh with you all night long? What about your dog, faithfully sitting and waiting for you at the entrance of the door of your house? What about those little moments of meaningful conversation with your folks? What about a random walk in your area?
For we have chosen to shut our eyes to the world of things that can immediately bring us happiness. Well so much for happiness and good riddance of our grouse, yes dear diary?