Prior to the market opening on June 1, 2018 the Bull & Bear Tracker’s went from RED to GREEN.   The signal had been RED since May 23, 2018. See ​“Bull & Bear Tracker’s Signal has changed”.  The signal switched from RED to GREEN due to the volatility between the US Dollar and Japanese Yen exchange rate decreasing.           

For the period that the signal had been RED the S&P 500 went from 2714.97, when it went became effective on May 23, 2018 to 2718.70, the market’s open on June 1, 2018.  During the five days the RED signal was in effect the S&P 500 fell to an intraday low of 2679.12 a decline of 1.4%. The SPXS, the trading vehicle recommended to trade the RED signal went from $26.42 to $26.54 during the five days that the signal was in effect.  Now that the signal is GREEN, the recommended vehicle to trade the signal is the SPXL: Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X ETF, a triple leveraged long ETF derivative for the S&P 500.

To learn about Dollar Yen exchange rate volatility being a leading indicator of the direction of S&P 500 watch the 2-minute video below entitled “Dollar/Yen Leading indicator for S&P 500 Direction”.  There are charts and graphs on this page at ProfitFromTheCrash.com which provide additional information on the intimate relationship between the Dollar/Yen and the S&P 500.

For alerts and updates about the Bull & Bear Tracker’s signals and to insure access to all of my articles, reports and alerts go to www.profitfromthecrash.com.   My February 6, 2018 article “BULL DEAD, BEAR DOB 01/31/18: Expect Stock Market Decline of at Least 50%) about the new bear market being born on January 31, 2018 is highly recommended.  

For those investors who do not want to take minimal risk and yet have the potential for their portfolios to grow I am recommending the deployment of a 90/10 Crash Protection Strategy.  For information on the strategy which is the only fail-safe strategy that one can utilize to protect their liquid assets from crashes, recessions and depressions view video below entitled “Profit From the Crash”.