Cash Balances as a percentage of assets in Charles Schwab’s brokerage accounts fell to 10.4 percent as of the end of August 2018.  This matched the level in January which been the lowest since 2004.

The S&P 500 has increased for six consecutive months and made new all-time highs during September.  The S&P 500 is now positioned for the same thing to happen in October which happened in February. In February the index experienced its biggest correction which was a sharp decline of 10% for the first time since Mr. Trump was elected.

Today the market entered October, the month that is famous for crashes.   To be prepared for October load up with the information that BullsNBears.com covers including charts, videos and articles on the dozen research categories below that are covered.  To receive new articles when they are published sign up for free alerts.

According to my math the S&P 500 will decline by at least 60% from the current bull market’s peak to the new bear market’s trough.  I am also predicting that it will be 2030 before the S&P 500 is able to eclipse the high- water mark for the bull market which began in 2009.  

To understand my math and also the bear market and recession investing strategies that I am recommending from now through 2030, watch my recently taped two-part interview about the “Day of Reckoning Approaching for the market” which will air on the Fox Business Channel during the second half of October.   A private and pre-screening of my interview is exclusively available to alert subscribers. Click here to subscribe to BullsNBears.com free alerts.   

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