Since the markets for mainland China and Hong Kong have not broken their secular bull trend lines the “Emerging Markets” research category has been added to BullsNBears.com.    

The stock markets of mainland communist China and Hong Kong are the beneficiaries of the capital that will flow from global investors out of the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Germany and France. The markets of all six of the developed countries are now in secular bear markets.   

The charts below depict that the bull markets of Hong Kong which began in 2003 and for mainland China in 2005 have NOT been impacted by the crashes of six of the world’s leading developed countries since February 20, 2020.

The Chinese markets and other emerging markets are in the position to provide global investors with the most upside over the next five years. BullsNBears.com’s plan is to provide macro and micro research coverage for China, Hong Kong and other emerging markets.  The coverage includes those companies which are domiciled in emerging market countries which have business models that are not impacted by the Coronavirus and the declines for the price of oil, etc.