The Bear Trader, a trend trading algorithm that was spun off from the Bull & Bear Tracker to primarily trade inverse or short market index ETFs, enabled aggressive and conservative traders to make gains of 3.3% and 1.1% respectively for the month of May 2020.   From March 3 to May 31, 2020, the Bear Trader’s alerts to trade triple leveraged S&P 500 and Dow 30 Industrials ETFs generated a gain of 44.7%.   Alerts to trade unleveraged ETFs generated a gain of 14.72%. 


Bear Trader is the ideal vehicle for those who are already deploying or wish to deploy an extremely defensive investing strategy.   Bear Trader enables an investor to spend a high percentage of time in cash and to also profit from the volatile declines for the stock market.    For May 2020, subscribers who traded the Bear Trader’s signals for market short or inverse Index ETFs were at 100% risk for two and at 50% risk for four of the month’s 20 trading days.

The SCPA (Statistical Crash Probability Analyses) algorithm’s forecasts are also integrated with the Bear Trader’s alerts.  The SCPA forecasts the dates of and the degree of the percentage changes for the peaks and valleys during the 30 to 32 months after a market has crashed.  The table below contains three of the forecasts which were made by SCPA the for the 2020 crashes of the markets of the US and a dozen other countries which were accurate.

The SCPA is forecasting the following for the markets of the 13 countries afflicted by the crash of 2020:

  • Declines of 79% to 89% below 2020 highs by Q4 of 2022.
  • Potential trading gains of 300% for savvy traders who trade market short or inverse index ETFs during markets’ journeys to their final bottoms.

The Bear Trader generates alerts to trade inverse or market short index ETFs enabling subscribers to leverage the SCPA’s “300% for savvy traders” above forecast.   For more about this particular forecast go to BearTrader.com.   To subscribe to Bear Trader click below.