TechnoLease equipment leasing opportunity 

Equipment purchase offering includes proprietary computer processing system is a hardware card that incorporates proprietary software and firmware. 

Wholly owned subsidiary of publicly traded company is the lessee of the equipment. 

Minimum purchase amount: $15,000

Price per card: $15,000 and a free card with the purchase of four cards. 

Cash Flow per card:  $500 per month for 60 months.  

Insurance: The price of a card includes the premium paid for an insurance policy which covers the $15,000 payment per card in the event that lessee does not make the payments. 

Residual: At the end of the 60 months purchaser can choose to receive $7,500 from the cash value of the insurance policy or opt to wait for an additional 60 months for the full $15,000.  Intrinsic value of card at end of 60month is zero.  

Transaction and lessee meet all of the TechnoLease’s listing requirements.  For qualifications click to TechnoLease home page.    

The table below contains the projected cash flows and returns for the purchase of cards.

Transaction is among the best equipment leasing opportunities that I have come across throughout my career for three reasons:

  1. The demand for computer processing capacity will grow exponentially throughout the decade which began 2020.
  2. A system or card can be utilized to mine Altcoins which can be converted into Bitcoins.   Based on my analysis, the price of a Bitcoin will not decline to $2,000, which is the breakeven price that the leading crypto currency would have to go below for lessee to be unable to make the payments to be made by the lessee.  

Additional comments and information:

I am very familiar with the principals of the public company and also the lessee:

  • I have been a paid consultant for another of the public company’s wholly owned subsidiaries since 2017.  
  • The share price of the public company has increased by more than 50% since I initiated research coverage on the company in July 2019.   

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